The online portal allows people to access their health information online easily. You can access your online medical report, view lab results, and more by signing up. The healthcare provider designed the patient portal specifically for patients. Patients can access their medical records online safely and securely through MyLoyola.myLoyolaIn this way, your health records can be managed and maintained safely and securely over the Internet. With MyLoyola, you can request medical appointments over the Internet. MyLoyola is Loyola Medicine’s free online patient portal that allows you to securely use the Internet to access and manage your health information. With MyLoyola, you can view appointment information, send messages to your doctor, view test results, and more

Benefits By MyLoyola

  • Medical appointments can be requested or scheduled
  • Access your myLoyola health record to view your health report
  • The results of the test can be viewed here
  • You can pay your bill online and manage your account
  • Health data can be accessed from trusted sources. Communicate securely and electronically with your healthcare team
  • Loyola Hospital provides personal protective equipment, COVID-Free Zones, screening, and testing to ensure your safety at our patient care facilities
  • A Simple Appointment System
  • Convenient healthcare


Why MyLoyola 

  • Patients with active MyLoyola Portal accounts can securely access their medical records. MyLoyola Sign In gives you access to many resources
  • Review the summaries of your previous appointments, including any issues raised at each visit, your vital signs, and any tests or referrals requested
  • Provide your medications, including instructions and dosing information, and request a refill
  • Analyze lab results over time and discover new trends. Examine your past cholesterol test results on a graph to see where you are in relation to your goal
  • Consult your medical records and those of your family members for more information. Online access is available to view your child’s growth charts, vaccination history, and upcoming appointments, for example