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MyLoyola gives patients secure and personalized online access to their medical files. Using it, you can manage and maintain your health information on the Internet safely. With MyLoyola, you can request medical appointments over the Internet. Loyola is Medicine’s free online patient portal that allows you to safely use the Internet to obtain and manage your health information. With MyLoyola, you can view appointment information, send messages to your doctor, view test results, and more.myLoyola Loyola Hospital offers a free online login portal for My Loyola. You can use them and get help getting and keeping information about your health. MyLoyola Login provides security, which is a core value and a priority. If you come in person, there are safety records to ensure your safety and that of our caregivers @ Loyola Hospital offers personal protective equipment, COVID-free areas, tests, and exams necessary to take care of you safely in our patient care facilities.

Loyola hospital provides a free online MyLoyola login portal. You can use them and get help keeping and receiving information about your health. MyLoyola Login delivers security that is a core value and a priority. If you come in person, security protocols are in place to protect you and our caregivers @

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My Loyola Chart Login is the 24-hour online registration service for patients and their families to use Loyola’s online medical service. Anyone wishing to use the online feature can easily register using the following lines. My Loyola Patient Portal is the free online patient portal provided by Loyola Medicine allowing you to manage and receive your health information online securely.

Login Steps For My Loyola 

My Loyola is a free online portal for patients that allows you to securely use the Internet to obtain and store information about your health. Follow these simple steps below to access your MyLoyola portal successfully:

  • Access the official MyLoyola login page at
  • Enter your username and password in the empty field provided.
  • Then click the login button to access your account.

What You Need For Myloyola Login 

  • Loyola Hospital web address URL.
  • It would be best if you had a valid username and password to login to MyLoyola.
  • Web browser.
  • Use your smartphone or tablet with secure and reliable Internet access.


Steps to Registering into MyLoyola Login Account

The process for creating a new My Loyola portal or registering for a new account.

  • Go to the Myloyola website and click Connect.
  • Input your name, phone number, or email address, as well as your date of birth. Then select Next.
  • You received the confirmation code by SMS or email. Then select Next.
  • You are now logged in to your My Loyola ID and can use all functions.

How To Recover MyLoyola Login Account?

Sometimes, users cannot remember their username or password due to some unwanted reasons. If you are also the victim, it’s okay to reset the password by following the instructions below.

How to reset the username?

  • On the MyLoyola Portal login page, you will find the login area on the right.
  • Click on “I forgot my username” in the login area.
  • Please enter both your first and last name on the new page.
  • Include your date of birth
  • Enter the postal code.
  • Write down your primary phone number.
  • Click “Submit.”


How to reset your password for MyLoyola Portal?

  • Go to the MyLoyola login page and look in the login area below.
  • Select “I forgot my password.
  • You will be asked to confirm your password once you click the link.
  • Fill in the fields provided and click “Next.”
  • Following the verification process, a new password will be generated for you.

Purpose Of MyLoyola Sign In

  • Patients with an active MyLoyola Portal account can securely access their Loyola University healthcare system medical records. MyLoyola Sign In offers you
  • Review summaries of your past appointments, including any issues raised at each visit, your vital signs, and any tests or referrals requested.
  • Show your medication, including dosing information and instructions, and request a refill.
  • Discover new lab results and trends over time. Take a look at your past cholesterol test results on a graph to see where you are in relation to your goal.
  • Refer to your own and your family’s medical records for more information. Your child’s growth charts, vaccination history, and upcoming appointments, for example, can be viewed online.

Benefits of MyLoyola Login 

  • You can request or schedule medical appointments.
  • View your health report from my Loyola electronic health record.
  • View the test results.
  • Pay your bill online and manage your account.
  • Access trusted health data resources.
  • Also, communicate securely and electronically with your healthcare team.
  • Choose a specialty
  • Choose an appointment type
  • Choose a time.
  • Confirm and plan


Solution For Sign-In Problems For MyLoyola Portal

  • Go to the official Myloyola login page using our official link below. Once you click on the link, it will open in a new tab so that you can continue reviewing the guide and, if necessary, following troubleshooting steps.
  • Just log in with your login details. You must have obtained it through the My Loyola registration, either through the registration or through your Myloyola registration authority.
  • You should now get the message “Registration successful.” Congratulations, you have successfully signed up for the Myloyola Registry.
  • If you cannot log in to the Myloyola registration site, please follow our troubleshooting guide.

Security side

You are prohibited from violating or attempting to violate the security of the site, including but not limited to:

  1. They are accessing data not intended for that user or connecting to any server or account for which the user is not authorized.
  2. Attempting to investigate, analyze or test the vulnerability of a system or network or violate security or authentication measures without proper authorization.
  3. Access or use any part of the Site without authorization in violation of these terms of use or any applicable law.

System or network security breaches can have civil or criminal consequences. The Company will investigate events that may include such violations and may engage and work with law enforcement agencies to prosecute users involved in such violations. You agree not to use any device, software, or routine to interfere or attempt to interfere with the proper functioning of this website or any activity that occurs on this website.

Eligibility For MyLoyola

You understand that you must be at least 12 years old to register for my Loyola account. By registering with myLoyola, you acknowledge that you are requesting electronic access to some of your personal health data and the ability to use My Loyola to communicate with my LUHS healthcare providers about your personal health data on the Internet. You authorize LUHS to transmit your personally identifiable health data to your specified My Loyola account for these purposes. By accepting this agreement, I acknowledge that I have the right to deactivate my My Loyola account at any time. In addition, you acknowledge that LUHS may revoke the access of your agent, if any, at any time and without explanation.


In the event of a medical emergency or acute illness, my Loyola should never be used. As the estimated response time for responses to email messages sent through my Loyola is forty-eight (48) hours, you agree to call or schedule a visit to your LUHS healthcare provider. Watch out, and I can’t wait for a regular appointment. If you have a medical emergency (a life-threatening illness or injury), call 911 or go to the nearest hospital’s emergency room.

They understand that their LUHS healthcare providers can send you messages through myLoyola. The messages may contain important information regarding your health and medical care. If you choose to receive these messages, it is possible that they will collect information about your general health, mental illness, drug/alcohol abuse treatment, HIV/AIDS, and/or genetic testing. Monitoring these messages is your responsibility, as you are aware. You authorize LUHS to notify you of messages sent to your assigned myLoyola mailbox by entering your valid and working email address.

My Loyola Chart Mobile App

A free online health service can be an effective way to ensure your health. By using MyChart, you don’t have to call the hospital every time you have a question or go to the hospital and wait for hours for answers.

Registration is very easy. To create an account, you will need to go to the MyChart login page and request an activation code. You can get it from your GP. To ensure the security of the service, the code is never sent via email. The same is true if you need a new regulation in case you lose the old one or it expires.


How To Login?

  • Go to the official UCSF MyChart login page at
  • Sign in using your UCSF MyChart username and password.
  • Then click the Connect to MyChart button to access your account
  • Set up your account by following the instructions.

What can I do with MyChart?

  • MyChart provides valuable information about your health. And it will save you time. Hundreds of things can be done with this service.
  • Make an appointment with your GP
  • Access your medical file
  • Observe your test results
  • Check your vaccination history
  • Check what medication you are currently taking
  • Learn about health from trusted sources
  • See a summary of your stay
  • Send messages to your healthcare team
  •  Features of a MyChart UCSF Online Account
  • The user can send a message to their healthcare provider.
  • Request health information.
  • Review your child’s medical records.
  • Request a meeting or transfer.
  • Review your lab results and record your trends.
  • Replenish your recipe.
  • Access your UCSF statement and pay your bills.
  • Display of electronic health information.
  • View reports on your past visits and upcoming appointments.

It’s not necessary to call your doctor’s office to request and schedule an appointment anymore.

How Do I Request An Appointment Via MyChart?

Now you don’t have to call your doctor’s office to request and schedule an appointment. MyChart has taken this process online – it’s simpler and faster. You will receive a confirmation message from your medical care team shortly after making your request. MyLoyola appointments will be communicated by this message including the exact time and date. Once you receive this message, you can confirm that the date and time are correct and check the details whenever you like. MyLoyola Appointment cancellations can also be made, provided at least one day prior to the appointment. It’s likely that you’ll need to contact your doctor if the number is less than that.

Official NameMy Loyola
Managed byMyLoyola
Portal ServicePatient Portal Provider
Mobile AppAvaliable

Frequently Asked Questions

What is MyLoyola?

MyLoyola provides patients with secure and personalized online access to part of their medical records. Maintaining your health information over the internet can be done safely with this program. With myLoyola, you can use the Internet to:

  • Request medical appointments
  • View your myLoyola electronic health record summary
  • View test results
  • Access trusted health information resources.
  • Communicate securely and electronically with your healthcare team

Are there any charges for using myLoyola?

MyLoyola is a free service for patients.

How do I log on?

Patients who wish to participate will receive a myLoyola activation code when they visit the clinic. With this code, you can login and create your own username and password.

How do I get an activation code?

Activation codes will appear on your summary after the last visit and can also be requested at your doctor’s office by requesting in person. You can also contact Loyola’s Medication Consultation at 888-LUHS-888 to receive an email.


MyLoyola is a secure portal for patients to view their medical information securely. Patients no longer have to wait for an access code to be sent. MyLoyola accounts can now be created yourself by following these simple steps. You must validate your personal information to grant you a myLoyola account. Enter your demographics when prompted, answer any questions that appear, and a third-party verification system will verify your identity. You need to create a username and password and activate your myLoyola account after verification.

MyLoyola provides patients with secure and personalized online access to part of their medical records. It allows you to safely use the Internet to manage and maintain your health information.